It's always devastating when we have to say goodbye to our furry friends. They are more than just pets to many of us- they are family. It becomes even harder to say goodbye when that furry friend is more than just a friend or even a family member, but a furry friend that has dedicated the majority of their years to serving and protecting a Maine community.

According to WABI TV 5, the community of South Portland recently had to say farewell to longtime canine officer, Trigger. Earlier this week, the South Portland Police Department made the difficult announcement that Trigger had succumbed to his recent cancer diagnosis.

WABI reports that trigger, an apparent German shepherd, had worked with his handler, LT Kevin Theriault, for over ten years. Theriault said that Trigger had been involved in several arrests, helping to track and locate missing persons, and the seizure of countless illicit drugs and contraband.

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Recently, according to Lt Theriault, Trigger was sadly diagnosed with cancer. And, while he remained a working dog up until the end, it had gotten to a point where the Police Dog just wasn't comfortable in day to day life anymore. That's when the decision had to be made to end the pups suffering. The announcement was made by the South Portland Police Department this past Tuesday.

South Portland Police Department wrote in part on a Facebook Post,

Lt. Theriault, his family, and the South Portland Police Department are deeply saddened. SPPD has lost a devoted member of its team, one that served this community and expected nothing in return. Trigger’s apprehensions, tracking of lost individuals, and seizures of drugs and weapons are too lengthy to mention in this release.

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