Often, when we see someone doing a particular job, especially if it is a career-like job, we just assume that they are doing their dream job.  Actor, mechanic, career military, firefighter, or police officers, for example.  Sometimes, this is not the case, though.

Sometimes, these people are just working these jobs because they pay well enough for the person to be financially secure.  And, those people have other dreams.

This seems to be the case for a former Maine police chief who has a love for baking..

According to the Bangor Daily News, former Madawaska Police Department Chief Ross DuBois, and his wife, are opening a restaurant.

The article explains that, after spending 34 years with the department, six years as its chief, DuBois retired on April 8th.  He and his wife, Karen, who is a principal in a nearby town, have purchased a closed Madawaska bed & breakfast called the Fraser Mansion.

Ross DuBois and his wife will rename the establishment DuBois' Restaurant.  The article explains that they plan to open by the end of the month.

DuBois says he plans to use his grandmother's recipes for many of the dessert and baked items they'll be serving at the restaurant.  Their hope is to have a family-friendly restaurant with great, basic, home cooked food.  In the article, DuBois explains that he doesn't want to serve anything that is not easy to pronounce.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate
Coldwell Banker Real Estate

It sounds as though they do plan to operate the place as an inn / motel, too.  He says that he wants to attract tourists to the small Aroostook County town.

Once the business is open, they plan to employ about ten people.  With any luck, the business will be a good boost to the area's economy.

We wish Ross and Karen all the best with their new project.

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