As the state with the most breweries per capita, it can be difficult to figure out which breweries to go to and which beers to buy.

Allagash Brewing Company has been holding it down in Maine for decades and continues to make a name for itself, making it one of Maine’s most popular breweries, and for good reason.

You could list off 10 Maine breweries and not recognize a single one of them but as soon as someone says “Allagash”, eyes light up. It’s a staple.

Award-Winning Allagash Brewing Company

Just a couple of years ago, Allagash Brewing Company won Brewery of the Year in 2021 by one of the largest beer festivals in the world.

Since then, they have continued to make their mark by using their company to do good in the community and do even more than just creating really really good beer.

A recent press release sent by the company shares that Allagash just won another major award and was named the winner of the inaugural 2023 Keg Champion Award in the Mid-Sized Brewery Category.

This award is substantial because it honors bars, breweries, and restaurants that embrace sustainability and the benefits of reusable kegs. Highlighting Good Samaritan deeds like this and putting the spotlight on companies doing good inspires other people to step up and make a difference.

Allagash Brewing Company Gives Back

Earlier in the year, Allagash teamed up with a Black-owned brewery to collaborate on a beer with the mission to drive awareness of the benefit of racial equality and to eliminate social disparities.

In 2022, Allagash gave more than $500,000 to community organizations and has fulfilled its commitment to brewing over a million pounds of Maine-grown grain every single year. Additionally, the brewery runs a recycling co-op with local businesses to get more hard-to-recycle materials out of the waste stream, as shared by the company’s press release.

This is why Allagash deserves to be recognized and deserves to win these awards. As the founder Rob Tod says,

“We’re always working to reduce our environmental impact and brew as sustainably as possible.”

This recognition creates a domino effect and brings awareness to the ways we can continue to minimize waste in the food and beverage industry, just as Tod expresses.

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