The old saying is a "picture is worth a thousand words" and we agree when you take a close look at this photo of a dog with his head poking out of a dryer vent.

Sometimes dog have a little bit of separation anxiety when their owners go off to work, school or just to run some errands. You can probably see for yourself that the rambunctious dog above might suffer from some of that, or he just really hates dryer vents.

Shared on Facebook by Wicked Mainer via Wendy Gagnon Poor of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the explanation goes that she left her dog home alone for only a short amount of time and he decided he was getting the heck out of the house by the only way he could see, that poor old dryer vent. That led to this truly, once in a lifetime photo and a good laugh.

Most people who commented on the photo have shared similarly bizarre stories of their own dogs trying to get out of the house, fenced-in yards or even cars in very...interesting ways. Oh and in case you're wondering, the dog in this photo is a-ok. Probably didn't get any treats today but otherwise, life is back to normal. The dryer vent, not so much.


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