For nearly half a decade, the Big Adventure Center amusement park in Bethel has been lying dormant collecting dust. During its heyday, it was a must-stop for families visiting Sunday River during the summer as well as other local attractions Bethel offers up. As the weeds grew over the years, it looked more and more like Big Adventure Center may just become one with the land that surrounds it. Not so fast.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A new Facebook page and website was launched earlier this week for Big Adventure Mini Golf. The Facebook page promises the 18-hole championship level mini golf course will reopen on June 1st, 2021. The new owner of the property is asking for pictures from former guests to help him recreate the "greatness" of the course that is likely in need of some significant help.

The website or Facebook page doesn't make any promises on some of the other attractions that existed at Big Adventure Center in the past like laser tag , rock climbing or water slides. Stay tuned on that.

But one thing that does stand out on the new Facebook page is the owner suggesting that a floating dock could be installed on the waterfront and that boat tours or other water activities could be joining mini-golf on the premises. If it comes to fruition, it would absolutely be a welcome addition to the property.

In an area that is increasingly becoming more popular in the summertime thanks to hiking, mountain biking and river floating options, it seems like Big Adventure is ready to make a big comeback.

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