Over the weekend I was in South Portland and I noticed a business preparing to open and it's called SoPo Selfie.

And if you're like me you were immediately intrigued and confused. A store for...selfies?

Hello, Glamour Shots 2021?

SoPo Selfie is like Glamour Shots for 2021. Remember Glamour Shots? If not your mom probably does. You went into the mall, got all dolled up, and then got some slightly awkward glamorous photos to send to Grandma. This is kind of like that, but infinitely cooler.

So, what is SoPo Selfie?

SoPo Selfie, while described as "Maine's very first 'Selfie Museum'" isn't exactly a museum where you go in and gawk at sculptures or ancient artifacts. The space will be filled with various backdrops and displays for whatever aesthetic matches your vibe so you can take the most Insta-worthy selfies possible.

How does SoPo Selfie work?

Grab your friends or go solo for this experience. You must book your time online at SoPoSelfie.com and will cost $25 per person. On Wednesdays, however, they have Walk-in Wednesday where you can pop in without a prior booking and you can stay as long as you want. You can bring in any camera you wish as well as different outfits.

Where is SoPo Selfie located?

In South Portland Next to Plato's Closet.

333 Clark's Pond Parkway

South Portland, ME 04106

Google Maps
Google Maps

When is SoPo Selfie opening?

SoPo Selfie hasn't announced an official opening date yet but you can stay up to date here:

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