So how big has the selfie become in our culture? Big enough that there's a demand for an entire museum dedicated to the art right here in Maine. This museum isn't going to be stuffy and pretentious like other museums can often be. Instead, the Selfie Space is all about people coming in and snapping those perfect photos to share with their social media following.

Where Is This Selfie Museum?

Selfie Space is located at 54 Wilson Street in Brewer. If you live in southern Maine, there appears to be another selfie-themed museum opening in South Portland soon. If you're up for a road trip though, Selfie Space is already open and boasts an impressive collection of art installations that will capture the imagination of people in any age group.

What Can I Expect At Selfie Space?

According to the Bangor Daily News, Selfie Space is fitted currently with 30 different installations for photo ops. As you'll see amongst the photos in this article, you can become the star of a fairytale, head to prison without the rap sheet, because the smartest person in the room inside an impressive study or go completely retro in a diner that looks like it's been pulled from Back To The Future. Some installations are abstract, others are straightforward and all allow visitors to bring their own creativity to the photo they'll be taking. Some of the installations will change out over time as new ideas come about.

When Is Selfie Space Open and How Much Does It Cost?

Selfie Space is currently open Friday through Sunday from 9am to 9pm. Adult tickets to the museum cost $25. Kids between 5-12 years old cost $15. Kids 4 and under can visit for free. All kids 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the museum.

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