A lot of people woke up this Thursday morning in Maine, looked out the window and did a double-take. That couldn't possibly be snow, right? Well, it was. Large portions of Maine got hit with some light flurries. Just enough to remind everyone that the 85 degree days we had last week were an anomaly and that the cold, hard truth of winter is coming, and coming soon. But if you thought those flurries were a bummer, take a look at this.

Shared on Facebook by Crown of Maine, check out what appears to be white out conditions in Madawaska, Maine this morning. Forget those light flakes that forced you to grit your teeth this morning, and consider attempting to navigate that road in the middle of October when nobody is mentally prepared for this nonsense. If that wasn't enough, Crown of Maine shared another photo from Frenchville courtesy of Keith Pelletier.

Dear Mother Nature, can you please wait until it's actually winter before dropping the snow bomb on us? We all need to talk ourselves into dealing with this. Please!!! Signed, everyone.

The good news is that forecasts suggest this snow was an isolated incident and we'll back to seasonal temps this weekend and next week. But...winter is lurking.


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