A pair of pedestrians who were angry when a car didn't stop for them while they were in a crosswalk, retaliated by throwing dog feces onto the windshield of the car in question in Yarmouth, Maine over the weekend.

In a post shared on Facebook, Jared Gordon explains that he had taken his children out for dessert at Handy's, a well-know stop in Yarmouth. On their way home, Gordon admits that he mistakenly did not stop for a couple and their dog waiting in a crosswalk. He also explains that it was dark (this happened prior to moving clocks ahead) and that the couple in question was dressed in dark clothing and barely visible between cars and snow banks on Main Street.

But Gordon was caught off guard when he noticed something hit his windshield on this way by the couple.  He abruptly stopped his car in the middle of Main Street, and questioned the couple as to why they threw something at his car. They told him that they would be informing the police they he was speeding and refused to stop for them at a crosswalk and they were justified in throwing something at his vehicle. That object, as you can see in the photo above, was fresh dog feces.

Several of the commenters apologized on behalf of the pedestrians and hoped that this wouldn't tarnish the image of Yarmouth. Some wondered if both parties could learn lessons from this incident. What do you think? Were the pedestrians right or wrong for throwing something at a moving car? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page.


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