Over the past few weeks, an outpouring of support was sent towards Kay, the longtime "Old Port Flower Lady". It was well-deserved, as Kay brought more than her fair share of smiles to people's faces for years in Portland with her flowers and sweet demeanor. Because of that focus on nostalgia, many people asked about another Old Fixture for decades, the Tin Foil Man. Where is he? Is he ok?

Facebook via Meredith Crain
Facebook via Meredith Crain

Shared on Facebook by Meredith Crain, Robert Wilson aka Tin Foil Man is alive and well. He's still making his incredible art in Biddeford and as you can see in the photo above, he's still doing it with a smile on his face. Wilson spent many years walking the Old Port, often hitting up bars offering to make everything from trophies to animals for people out of tin foil. He still can be found in Portland from time to time and he's still selling his creations. Visit some of Portland's oldest bars or restaurants and there's a good chance you'll see some of Wilson's creations still tucked away in a nook. That art didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated and Wilson's journey from Old Port street artist to something bigger probably didn't get enough attention.

According to the Bowdoin Orient, Wilson had his own show in an art gallery in Portland in 2009. It was titled "Tin-sects" and featured some of the most wild and vivid insect creations that Wilson had ever put together. Unlike what he did in the Old Port, often whipping up a souvenir in a matter of minutes, Wilson spent two long months putting together his show.

So if you were wondering if the Old Port Tin Foil Man is doing ok, he's still doing his thing. And it's still pretty damn awesome.

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