The old joke is that the mosquito is the Maine state bird. Why? Because you simply can't escape the pesky little annoyances at dusk or dawn or on a nice night camping deep in the woods. And while Mainers are well-versed in the precautions to take to ward off mosquito bites, there may new incentive to pay even closer attention to fighting them off.

According to the Bangor Daily News, a rare disease passed on to humans by mosquitos has popped up in the state of Maine. It's called Jamestown Canyon virus. The first diagnosed case of the Jamestown Canyon virus appeared in Maine back in July and since then, two other cases have been identified by the Maine CDC. While three cases is hardly a reason to sound the alarm, it should make people more alert to the fact that mosquitos can still be dangerous.

The Jamestown Canyon virus has similar symptoms to other well-known mosquito spread diseases, including West Nile virus. Fever, neck stiffness and and body aches are the most common symptoms people will feel, but those symptoms can develop into more severe complications, include swelling around the brain.

The biggest issue facing people who acquire the Jamestown Canyon virus? There is no treatment that can rid human beings of the disease. The Maine CDC suggests people take the proper precautions to ward off mosquitos when they can, especially if they're headed into an area with a heavy mosquito concentration.

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