If you've got a cousin that lives downeast, better get on the horn and let them know that their stock is up. A travel company, called Big Seven Travel, released survey results that left Mainers with some pretty surprising results...people think that downeast accent is SEXY.

Yes, you read that right. In a state where we favor H's over R's, that has now translated to locals and people from away thinking that our homegrown accent is sexy. The classic Maine accent ranked 4th among 50 accents in the country, trailing only the Texan, Bostonian and New York accents. Considering how often those other three accents show up in television and film, it makes Maine's placement list all that more impressive.


Notable Maine comedians have picked fun at our accent for years. Tim Sample and Bob Marley have used that accent as a featured portion of their act and rather than get offended by it, Mainers have embraced it with a smile. Now, it seems like the rest of the country has decided that our accent is more than just a funny sounding thing, it's also a turn-on. What a world we live in.

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