After employees found themselves out of a job once Birmingham, Alabama's Revelator Coffee shop closed for business without any advance notice, one disgruntled worker retaliated by having their hardcore band Apprehend play inside the cafe.

Nothing will ever be as infamous as Live Without's unorthodox show in which they famously performed inside a Denny's restaurant 10 years ago, blessing us all with the iconic, "What the fuck is up, Denny's?" moment that remains memeworthy even today. But even so, other bands shouldn't feel discouraged from booking renegade gigs such as the one Apprehend played.

How Did Revelator Coffee Piss Off Employees?

One Twitter user shared a photo of the coffee shop's window where three pieces of paper were taped to, informing employees in a rather cold fashion that they no longer have a job and that Revelator Coffee is closed for business.

One sign, on behalf of "The Revelator Team," reads, "Closed forever. No warning or severance, We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your support and service to us."

Another says, "To our devoted and amazing regulars, THANK YOU for your incredible love and support. We appreciate you endlessly" while appears to have been placed there by now ex-employees, listing their Venmo and Cash App usernames in hopes of inspiring some friendly donations as they scramble to find a job somewhere else.

The Valley Labor Report, which advertises itself as "Alabama's only union talk radio show," retweeted the image, writing, "Coffee shop closed today [without] warning the workers in Birmingham, [Alabama]. This is a common practice in the restaraunt [sic] industry. With a union contact, workers would have the power to negotiate the terms of closures. This is one of many reasons so many are organizing today."

In response to this tweet, Will Russell, one of the terminated employees and member of Apprehend, shared video footage of their band tearing it up live inside Revelator Coffee after the closure announcement was made. "We threw a show there last night for them taking our job out from under us," he writes.

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Watch Apprehend's Show at Revelator Coffee

As noted by Lambgoat, Confusion's Prince was another one of the acts to play the Revelator Coffee show alongside Apprehend.

At around the 2:45 mark in the video below, Apprehend get going after a soundcheck, playing for nearly a half hour. We have to admit, this is the first time we've ever seen a vocalist with a backpack and no shirt onstage. It's a vibe...

There's some movement in the pit throughout the set but, overall, things never get too rowdy or out of hand, which is a bit surprising given the circumstances.

Apprehend, Live at Revelator Coffee

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