We've all seen it or we've been guilty of it, rushing out the door in a hurry after a snowstorm hits and making sure we clear off just enough snow from our car to see out the windshield before we hit the road. We also ALL know, deep down, that it is a super dangerous way to travel.

The MaineDOT took to Facebook to remind everyone to clean off their cars before hitting the roads any time after snow falls. Plan the extra 10 minutes to clean off your side mirrors and especially the roof of your vehicle. So often we see large snow chunks flying off the roof of vehicles and those chunks could present serious dangers not only to the person driving but the people driving behind you!

that being said, there is no law on the books that forces you to do what the MaineDOT is asking of you. The only law Maine currently has requires people to clean off their windshield before operating a motor vehicle or face the penalty of a fine. Back in 2011, legislation was proposed that would have instituted a law mandating people to clean off their entire car before operation but that was defeated.

So for now, we all remain on the honor system. Do your part to keep Maine roads safe as the snow begins to pile up!


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