We're less than 24 hours out from what is shaping up to be a significant weather event and a rough way to welcome in 2018. Late last week, forecasters were warning that this storm had potential to lay a beat down on Maine and New Hampshire, and now that models have locked in the storms projected path, it appears those forecasters were correct.

Most of our local meteorologists in Portland have forecasted snowfall somewhere between 6 inches to over a foot of snow for southern Maine and some of the inland stretches. Downeast Maine should be prepared to get walloped, with forecasts calling for 12-16 inches over the course of 16-24 hours.

But the most dangerous part of this storm remains the wind. Because it's such a monster moving up the eastern seaboard, this storm will bring powerful winds that could leave Mainers in some serious trouble after the snow is gone. The coast of Maine will feel the most significant effects, with wind guts ranging from the mid-40's to the mid-60's depending on where you are located. Those wind gusts will bring with them the very real possibility of power outages, which are a major concern.

What is also a concern is what is set to follow Thursday/Friday's storm. Saturday and Sunday will be another vicious dose of frigid temperatures, with lows expected to be subzero across the state on Saturday night. If power outages are widespread, it could leave many Mainers in peril.

As we talked about yesterday here, it's important to formulate an emergency game plan if you're in a home that doesn't have a wood stove, generator or another source of heat that doesn't rely on electricity. Also, don't forget about your pets, and if you have any elderly family members that may need your assistance.

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