In a recent ranking of the cities across the US with the highest rate of sex offenders per capita, Maine's capital city of Augusta clocked in at 41.67 registered sex offenders per 10,000 residents.

That puts one of Maine's largest communities in the company of cities like Raleigh, North Carolina, Reno, Nevada, and Orlando, Florida.

This graphic from Security Baron was recently shared on the Maine subreddit, and uses data from It shows Augusta as 23rd on the national list based on sex offenders as a percentage of the total population. Cities like Dallas, Tampa and even Baltimore are lower than Augusta on this list.

Perhaps just as surprisingly, Boston also made the list, but in the other column. New England's biggest city clocked in at just 3.27 sex offenders per 10,000 residents, making it the 5th-lowest rate of any city in the country.

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