So does a bear sh*t in the woods? They do if they're being chased up a tree on the last day of bear hunting season in Maine.

This video, shared on Facebook by Moxie Gore Guide Service, went viral towards the end of October and into November. In Maine, a limited number of bear hunting permits are given each year, and during the last day of hunting, someone was filming this attempt at nabbing one until things got a little messy.

But the truth is, not everyone who watched this video found it funny. Nearly half of the more than 1,000 comments left felt this video showcased the ugly side of bear hunting. Watching the bear scurry up the tree and then literally having the crap scared out of them didn't sit well with many commenters.

Others defended the action as a time honored tradition and a way to continue population control of the animal. Additionally, the people who filmed the video and shared it stated in the comments that they did not mean to rile up ill feelings from people. The video has already received nearly 15,000 shares.

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