When it comes to people visiting Maine, coastal communities have been hotspots for decades. From Bar Harbor to Old Orchard Beach, there's no denying the attractiveness of Maine's coastline. In recent years, Portland has seen its visitor count multiply thanks to a burgeoning restaurant and beer scene, making it Maine's most hip city. But if you're looking for Maine's coolest city, Portland is no longer the answer. According to Matador Network, Biddeford is now the coolest city in Maine and a must-visit in 2021.

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There's no denying that Biddeford has been building up in the last several years. Dogged for decades as a rundown mill town, Biddeford is now plush with creative craft breweries, boutique shops and diverse restaurant offerings. Main Street is a walkable hotspot and Biddeford has managed to turn the old mill buildings that were once an eyesore into a hub for young professionals to call home. It took some imagination to look at Biddeford 20 years ago and know it would transform into Maine's coolest city right now.

All of those reasons are why Matador Network named Biddeford one of the 25 coolest cities to visit in 2021 in the United States. There was only one other New England town to make the list, the historical gem of Bristol, Rhode Island.

Will the honor lead to more visitors in 2021? The obvious factor will be the pandemic and whether travel across state lines returns to normal during the summer. For now, Biddeford residents can revel in their city's coolness.

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