Annie Dandy of Portland was on her way to Philadelphia from the Portland Jetport on Tuesday and comedian Bill Murray just so happened to be on the same flight.

Annie told us that Bill was in the front and she in the back and at one point he removed his sock, showing his bare foot to the flight attendant who laughed. Annie isn't sure what the joke was about, but it totally sounds like Bill Murray humor.

On her connecting flight, Annie rode the shuttle bus with Bill. She posted a selfie with him on her Facebook page saying "We cracked jokes. I told him I was a cougar and we talked about buying a tank and driving it to the grocery store."

Annie Dandy
Annie Dandy

Bill was on his way to South Carolina after his performance at Merrill Auditorium, the last stop on his North American tour for his "New Worlds" album. Yes, Bill sings and people who attended the show seemed to think it was the perfect blend of song and humor.

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