When the iPhone made its first appearance in 2007, everyone knew that something so amazing would have a few kinks to work out of the chain over time. But here we are, one decade later, and there's still one thing that drives most reasonable (and unreasonable) adults to the brink of insanity. And Binga's latest sign sums it up for everyone.

Reddit via Kazz9201
Reddit via Kazz9201

Shared on Reddit by Kazz9201, this is the kind of sign that can really unite us all over the holidays. Even if you're totally against that naughty, nasty F word, you can also readily admit that it seems a little silly to autocorrect it to DUCKING.

And what about the ducks? People are getting ducked over left and right and leaving real ducks with a bad name. Certainly they must be left thinking, "what the duck?" Think about how many people are getting mad at their phones on a daily basis just from the word ducking. What a ducking disaster for the duck community. It's just not fair to them getting ducked so hard by this.

Kudos to Binga's for another timely sign to unite us all during this holiday season. Oh, and if you don't like this sign, do duck yourself, quack!

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