We're not going to sit here and pretend to be fashion experts. But there is something you're bound to see this summer (if you haven't already) that makes us shake our heads every single time we see it. And apparently, we're not alone. Because Binga's Windham decided to dedicate an entire sign to it over the weekend.


It doesn't matter how fashionable your sandal is or how cool your sock may be, the combination of the two is an abomination. Here in Maine, we used to be able to completely blame this disaster on the tourists from the north, but in recent years, native Mainers have decided to rock the look more than ever. Why?

Sure, Binga's Windham didn't really close down when that guy with socks and sandals showed up at some point over the weekend, but we're certain every single person stared with disappointment in their eyes. Just wear your socks with your slippers, we'd all be ok with that.

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