Binga's in Windham is known for their always hilarious sayings on their outdoor sign but now they're upping the game with their message to those not wanting to comply with the mask mandate inside.

Wear Your Mask!

Here's the thing, this could possibly be brand new information but, if you don't want to wear a mask, you don't have to go out to eat. Groundbreaking, right? I can guarantee the employees are SO OVER wearing them. Imagine working a shift on your feet running and cooking and being masked. Sounds unpleasant right? They don't want to wear them, but they want to work, and make money, and in order to work and make money, they need to uphold what the government says...Got it?

Binga's Savagery

Binga's has clearly had enough of Mask Karens. You know the type, the people that whine and complain to those about masks who don't have any say in the issue and are just trying to do their jobs. Binga's is so sick of it they will now charge you $50 if they have to explain why masks are mandatory and $75 if they have to hear why you disagree.

Don't Want to Wear a Mask?

Cool, order takeout from Binga's and enjoy from the comfort of your own home and stop taking out your frustrations on those who have nothing to do with the rules.

I mean, you wouldn't complain to the Cumberland Farms clerk for your car not starting. That would be ridiculous, right?

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