Portland, Maine, is saying farewell to yet another restaurant that has been here for years in the city.

Blue Spoon has been serving locals on Munjoy Hill since 2004 and welcomed new owners in 2018. The restaurant is chef-owned, run by owners who care deeply about the restaurant industry and have been proudly serving Mainers on the East End locally-sourced, fresh meals that are made with love.

A lot of love has been put into this restaurant and the care is palpable when you dine at the intimate and beautiful establishment. The first time I ever went to Blue Spoon was in 2012 for my very first prom. Dear friends came together all dressed up for a beautiful and romantic night and Blue Spoon was the top choice for a lovely dinner before the dance.

It has been the ideal spot for romantic date nights and an intimate setting to spend time with friends and family.

Blue Spoon Relocating from Portland to the Midcoast

While their doors will be closing here in Portland, they will be relocating to a new destination.

The new home for the restaurant has not been found quite yet but the new location will be in Midcoast, Maine, as their website shares.

The final day in Portland will be this upcoming Saturday, April 22, and will be your last chance to have one of their delicious meals before they move up the coast.

Their ambiance, their carefully curated cuisine, and the genuine love they have for the restaurant industry, as well as their incredible seafood dishes, make me confident that they will do really well in the Midcoast area.

If you're a Portlander who holds this place dear in your heart, make sure you go and enjoy one last lovely meal at their Portland location before April 22!

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