It's been long enough with Maine's new license plate rules that most people don't even give wild and ridiculous license plates a second look anymore. Dozens of Maine plates are littered with F bombs and other obscenities and that's just way life is. But after everyone got over their fun with the F word, this particular license plate attached to a Chevy Silverado has caused a lot of passerbys to take another glance.

Shared on Facebook by Larry R. Moore, branding and marketing is everything, right? So we have to assume when you have goods to offer and you want more people to know that you have goods to offer, your license plate on a personal vehicle is a great place to start for free advertising. Mission accomplished with that plate, kid.

Naturally, all of our minds went to most nefarious meaning when it comes to this license plate. Perhaps the owner of this vehicle is a huge support of the soda industry, and is regularly making deals to stock supermarkets and vending machines with a brand synonymous with cola. That's probably it.

But if that's not it, then we are one traffic stop away from this car and its driver making headlines on The Smoking Gun. Vanity plates, man, vanity plates.

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