Everyone has seen Happy Gilmore, yes?

If you asked yourself, "what's that..." stop reading this article and go watch this cinematic gold. It is an Adam Sandler classic.

Happy Gilmore, and New Hampshire native Adam Sandler, got recognized in a hilarious way at the NHL all-star weekend, which actually provoked a response from Adam Sandler himself.

Three Boston Bruins members were represented at the NHL All-Star game: Linus Ullmark, David Pastrnak, and coach Monty.

Who else would play Happy than David Pastrnak, the Boston Bruins right-winger who is leading the team in goals, assists, and points?

One of the portions of the NHL All-Star weekend is a breakaway challenge. It has become a funny portion of the weekend where players can, well, whatever they want.

Some players have blindfolded themselves, skated in bathing suits and beach chairs, had their children go out for them, and so on. David Pastrnak gave a very funny and special shoutout to his New Hampshire pals, and all New England Adam Sandler fans.

What he did not know was that Sandler was watching and would go on to love it...

Linus, the Bruins goalie, was Happy Gilmore's caddy (which is hilarious).

Instead of taking the breakaway, Happy uses his putter. After the long miss, just like in the movie, Happy Gilmore loses his temper. You can see Pasta throw the putter after missing the first attempt.

The most iconic part of this was his second attempt.

Pasta is given a special putter, the same one Adam Sandler receives in Happy Gilmore. It is a hockey stick, but a putter. All he has to do is tap it in.

Pasta sinks the putt (shot), and even made the New Hampshire native proud.

Adam Sandler saw Pasta's impression and reached out: "Love you fellas!  Made me smile big."

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