The Pine Tree Council of the Boy Scouts of America has to sell a 75-year-old camp in Belgrade to try and pay off debt.

The Kennebec Journal reports that the Pine Tree Council of the Boy Scouts of America, which oversees the Boy Scouts in southern and central Maine, voted to sell Camp Bomazeen in Belgrade on Great Pond, which turned 75 this year.


They had to come up with some sort of plan to help financially as they could be out of money in a matter of months. And yes, the coronavirus has stopped all events to raise money. They know how emotional the decision is and how upsetting it can be to those who have gone to the camp for years. This is not how they wanted to celebrate turning 75.

It's been appraised at just under one million dollars, according to the newspaper, and they hold out hope that maybe a generous donor will save the camp...but that is a pipe dream.

The recommendation is to sell the camp within three months, and if that doesn't happen - auction it off, the Kennebec Journal stated.

The Pine Tree Council of Boy Scouts of America is running weekend programs, but three other camps aren't operating, the newspaper reported. They have debt going back years, and they were just getting a handle on it when the virus hit, the article stated.

The hope is that whoever buys the camp will allow the Boy Scouts to still hold scouting events...only time will tell.

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