Maine real estate is a hot commodity right now. Since the pandemic, our state has become one of the most desirable places to live. That, along with some other factors, has caused inventory to be low. This has driven home prices up, netting some sellers a lot more than they had ever imagined.

However, it’s easy for a lot of people selling their homes to default to the mindset of their home being valuable no matter what. That has also portrayed the idea to a lot of sellers that they can list their home for over market value, as well as neglect any other important factors that could ultimately lose them thousands of dollars.

Yes, inventory in Maine remains low, with hungry buyers ready to pay top dollar for a home. But that doesn’t mean they are afraid to skip right over yours. Selling a home can be a complex process, so I’ve compiled a list of 10 common mistakes that sellers often make.

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Overpricing the Home
Setting a price that's too high can scare away potential buyers, even in the hot Maine real estate market. There are plenty of homes that have been sitting there for months, some even with price cuts, so it’s important to price the home realistically based on comparable properties in the area.

Neglecting Necessary Repairs
Cosmetics and upgrades are often not super important, but buyers will notice if a home needs repairs. Neglecting maintenance can result in lower offers or losing potential buyers altogether.

Poor Staging
Walking into a cluttered, dirty, smelly and/or poorly-staged home can turn off buyers. I always recommend taking the time to clean, declutter, and stage homes to appeal to the most buyers.

Bad Photos
Most buyers start their search online, so high-quality photos are crucial. Photos that look like they were taken on a flip phone from 2004 can lead to less interest and fewer showings.

Ignoring Curb Appeal
First impressions are so important. Yes, Maine is a desirable place to live, but even if your home is beautiful on the inside, the yard is the first thing buyers see. So neglecting the exterior of the home can deter buyers from even stepping inside.

Being Present During Showings
These days, a lot of people work from home, so this is sometimes unavoidable. But if possible, sellers should leave the premises for showings, as buyers might feel uncomfortable or rushed if the seller is present during showings.

Failing to Disclose Issues
Is the roof about to cave in? You have water damage? Buyers are aware of Maine's harsh winters and recent storms, and honesty is the best policy. Failing to disclose known issues can lead to a loss of trust, and even worse, legal troubles.

Not Being Flexible with Showings
Sometimes this is also unavoidable, but limiting showing times can reduce the number of potential buyers who see your home. Being flexible will increase your chances of selling quickly.

Choosing the Wrong Real Estate Agent
An experienced and knowledgeable agent can make a big difference. Choose an agent with a good track record in the area and one that you feel comfortable with.

Not Preparing for Inspections
Most buyers will require an inspection. Preparing for this and addressing potential issues in advance is highly advised, and can smooth the process.

Those are some of the most common mistakes. It’s understandable that some of them might not be avoidable, but it’s best to follow this list to sell your home the fastest and for the most money. If you have any questions about the home buying or selling process, you can reach out to me here. I am always happy to help.

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