Just as your lawn made its first appearance in months, mother nature might jab at us one more time with a giant Nor'Easter tracking up the coastline. 

Well I guess that first date we had with spring didn't go so well. Or maybe winter is just one jealous jealous old wench. Whatever it is, if you had hopes of putting away those shovels and snowblowers, you might want to think again.

A small buzz has begun to pop up amongst the local weather experts in town about the possibility, let's call it a strong possibility, that a Nor'Easter will be heading our way next Tuesday. And if you believe some of those "early" maps being thrown around on social media, this particular storm looks nasty, with a chance to drop as much as 18 inches across a large portion of the state.

The one thing stopping from "locking it in"? The temperature. Temps may just be too warm (we can only hope) to make this a full blown snow event. Meaning partial rain, or maybe ALL rain if mother nature is already over us. Cross your fingers, be kind to strangers, take your vitamins, drink your milk...do whatever you can, because we're all itching badly with spring fever, right?


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