Soon Pennywise will be haunting your breakfast table!


September of last year Pennywise the Clown was reinvented and the all new 'IT' was released to give us new nightmares. When I was growing up the 'IT' miniseries aired on TV and Tim Curry's original version of Pennywise made me afraid of clown's for life! Bill Skarsgard brought an even twisted and more horrifying Pennywise for a new generation and it was a huge success. 'IT' the second chapter movie has cast all the actors to play the grown up Losers Club and will begin filming soon. This one will be released in 2019 at some point.

According to, the company that makes fun pop culture figurines, Funko, is about to release a line of horror movie cereals. And, one of these boxes of cereal will be dedicated to the movie 'IT'. In fact, this crunchy breakfast delight will even turn you milk blood red! It will be fun eats for the whole family! Funko has released a documentary on Nexflix you can watch now and in it they talk about these cereals being released. You will not be found this on grocery store shelves though. The cereal is supposed to be released this month and you can only buy it online on collectibles websites and comic book stores. Pricing starts at $7.99 and even includes a Pennywise figurine!

The 'IT' cereal is part of a line of horror movie cereals including for 'Elvira' and 'Freddy Kruger'.


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