Anyone else sweating their butts off today? Seeing as my kiddie pool in the CYY studio was met with resistance from management, I'm currently fanning my face furiously with an empty Dunkin Donuts bag, sipping what used to be ice cubes from the bottom of a water bottle, and daydreaming about what I'm going to do after work today to fight off the welcome, but intense, heat wave we're getting in Maine today.

Seeing as I lack a functioning air conditioner, I was perusing the interwebs for alternatives when I stumbled upon this - a video by YouTube user HouseholdHacker, that shows us how to build our own air conditioner for only $8! Watch the video below:

Sounds simple enough, right? The fan blows the cool air from the ice out into the room, and judging from the temperature gauge in the video, it really works! I think this is a genius solution to today's heat that doesn't require a well-stocked bank account. One thing it does require, though, is a trip to the hardware store, and seeing as my car's AC is broken as well, I may not have the courage to do it...

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