It's Maine's version of a message in a bottle.


A lobster fisherman from the Orkney Islands, North of Scotland found a buoy belonging to a fisherman here in Maine. That's a sweet 2850 miles it traveled by sea!

Sorrento, Maine is a small town in Hancock County. According to the last Census in 2010, the population was 274. it's a tiny little slice of heaven in Downeast Maine. A view from a bench on the shoreline of Sorrento, looks across the Frenchman Bay. It looks at Bar Harbor and several mountains on Mount Desert Island. There's Champlain Mountain, Dorr Mountain and the big one is Cadillac Mountain.

That's the daily backdrop for lobstermen or anyone out for a sail. Not too shabby.

The Friends of Sorrento Group on Facebook has been chatting about pulling their resources together to get Robert Smith from Ireland to come to Sorrento for a visit! This is a sweet story of connection in a world where we can't connect. I'll keep you updated...



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