Perhaps you've watched shows on TV where people travel to somewhere historic, strap on their night vision gear and other gadgets and search for ghosts in places that have been known to be haunted. Maybe you've even thought to yourself "I'd love to do that". Well, for one Saturday night this August in Maine, you can do just that.


Fort Knox will host a "ghost camp" on Saturday, August 24th into August 25th. Guests will spend the overnight hours camping out and joining ghost hunting professionals on the search for spirits inside the historic Civil War-era fort. 207 Paranormal is bringing all of their gadgets for ghost hunting, including sensory equipment and the latest in night vision wear. You'll spend those creepy early-morning hours searching every corner of the Fort in search of the "unexplained".

But is Fort Knox really "haunted"? The SyFy network show "Ghost Hunters" certainly seemed to think so in 2011 when they visited the fort. According to the Bangor Daily News, the Ghost Hunters didn't come into contact with any apparitions, but did find several strange readings during their visit. The pinnacle of potential paranormal activity during that Ghost Hunters episode was the "crazy breathing" they recorded.

There's no guarantee anyone who spends a night at Ghost Camp will experience anything out of the ordinary. But for one night, it's certainly fun to dream. Tickets for the event are on-sale now.

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