Okay, so check this out, ya'll. These guys posted on Facebook and are asking for our help with something extremely intriguing.

Calling all clock enthusiasts! They need your expertise!

Have you ever come across a clock crafted by Samuel Aspinwall? Well, that's what brothers Dwight and Brian Aspinwall are asking, according to Maine State Museum's FB post.

Recently, they donated this clock to a museum in Augusta, but as the The Maine State Museum on Facebook says, the clock also came with a mystery.

Maine State Musem via Facebook
Maine State Musem via Facebook- Aspinwall Brothers

"The clock was made by a family ancestor, Samuel Aspinwall (1773-1856) of Pittston, Maine. Samuel signed the clock face, and included his location in Pittston, but there are few other historical records of him or his clocks.."

The post goes on to say that in the early 1800s, Samuel Aspinwall moved from Massachusetts to Pittston, Maine with his spouse and 5 kids. He told everyone he was a clockmaker in his land deeds, but they are unable to find any other record that indicates the extent of his clock-making profession.

Samual lived in Pittston until 1821 and then moved to Phillips, Maine, as the post says. 

How cool would it be if they in fact found what they were looking for? It would be full circle, like the shape of a clock. Okay, I'm done.

This is where you come in. Any info that you can offer regarding Samuel Aspinal or his clockwork would be super helpful for these two brothers attempting to uncover the mystery to their ancestor.


Maine State Musem via Facebook
Maine State Musem via Facebook

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