So have you played Cards Against Humanity? It's a massive hit for people who enjoy card games that don't have any real winners but really can make you laugh. It follows the same path as Apples To Apples, but the content goes from G-rated to X-rated pretty quickly. You can't be offended if you're going to play Cards Against Humanity...after all, their slogan is "a party game for horrible people".

That brings us to their Boston Red Sox card. I've played the game, own the game and a couple of expansion packs as well, but have never personally come across this doozy of a card.

Facebook via Kevin Brooks
Facebook via Kevin Brooks

If you know the game, you know this isn't even close to being the most horrendous card in the game. And in some ways, it's a fair card given the stories from minority players about their experiences in Boston. The Red Sox fans were stuck in the middle of a season-long controversy in 2017 surrounding Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles and what he believes some fans were yelling at him from the bleachers.

The question that Kevin Brooks, who shared this photo on Facebook, had...does Cards Against Humanity have cards specific to things that exists in certain regions? Would someone who orders the game in California get this Red Sox-themed card? We don't have the answer but our best guess is...yes.

Oh, and you just know there's going to be some Patriots cards in the deck soon enough...if there isn't already.

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