Happy National Cheese Lovers Day! The love of cheese goes back over 5000 years. Seriously, could you get through your life without a copious amount of cheese?  Everything goes better with cheese. It's used for every meal...breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The people at Zippia have put together a list of every state's favorite cheese.

For us here in Maine? We're keeping it simple and patriotic. AMERICAN is Maine's favorite cheese.

What IS American cheese anyway? According to Serious Eats:

"Where American cheese (or "Pasteurized Process American Cheese," as the FDA likes to call it*) differs is that once the cheese is made (and yes, American cheese starts with real, honest-to-goodness cheese), it is blended with a few other ingredients to alter its texture and flavor.  This is what allows American cheese to melt without breaking or turning greasy the way a traditional cheese does."



Our neighbors in New Hampshire get much fancier than us. BRIE is #1 in the Granite State. You know what they say..."Eat Cheese or Die." It's even on their license plates!. Wait, what?

Actually, Maine gets pretty fancy with our amazing cheesemakers. Did you know we even have a Maine Cheese Guild? Check out some of the great cheesemakers of Maine!

Zippia used Google info and determined that the number-one cheese with the most #1's of all the states is...QUESO.

We were a bit shocked that Cheddar did not make the most favorite list of ANY state. Same for Blue cheese. Cheez Whiz (not sure if it's technically even a cheese) made it in one state-Delaware,

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