It looks like New England has lost another nightclub.

For the last few years, Central Mainers have been able to go to the 1800 Club in Auburn for a fun night out.  Great drinks, live music, even DJs spinning hip hop, EDM, and top 40.

Sadly, it looks like those fun times have come to an end.

According to a post on the venue's Facebook page, the nightclub has closed permanently.

The reason for the closure appears to be family related.  The owners have found, over the last two years, that they have missed out on so much life just trying to make sure everything runs properly at their establishment.

The post explains that they had some really good days and some really awful days.  The post also talks about how much they love the community and how much the community rallied around them and their business.

The post goes on to say:

The main lesson we've learned is that life is too short. We want to be able to visit our kids out of state, or have a family dinner earlier than 10pm, or go to sleep before the sunrises. While we've spent so much time trying to bring life and joy into this building, we've forgotten how to have our own. And honestly? This time the fight just isn't worth fighting.

Over the last few years, the nightclub had really become a live music lover's paradise.  They were featuring bands Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays.  And, thanks to the fact that they had two rooms, they were able to do multiple types of acts.  For example, they could have a rock band in one room, while they had a DJ spinning the hits in the other room.

We wish the owners of the now closed business all the best with their future plans, whatever they may be...

It seems like nightlife, at least here in Maine, comes in cycles.  Back in the late 90s and early 00s, everything was about nightclubs with DJs.  Then, for a minute, much of Maine was all about theme bars...  Now, it looks like many places are just opening as places to have some drinks and hang out.  If they do have entertainment, it focuses on solo artists, duos, and some bands.  Wil we ever see the return of dance clubs in Maine?


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