Anytime you hear about a meme that is Maine-centric, a few things come to mind. You can reasonably expect that it will have something to do with lighthouses, lobster or beer. So we welcome this curveball with open arms and hope you can get a good laugh out of it today.

Shared on Reddit by Inshresting, it's a meme that plays on another one of Maine's biggest tourist stops; the Holy Donut. The Holy Donut has become a must-stop for out-of-towners, having built an incredible reputation for their potato donuts with unique flavor combinations you just don't find other places. During peak tourism season in Maine, you can find a line outside the door of the small donut shop in Portland.

Hence why this meme hits on so many levels. We're unsure if this photo was taken in Portland (although the background certainly fits the Old Port) but its all about those facial expressions and the few words that make it one of the best meme's about Maine ever. Feel free to devour a sea salt chocolate donut and share this with your friends.

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