Beck onstrage at Coachella
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Beck onstage at Coachella 2014

The annual event of Coachella Music and Arts Festival happened over the weekend in Indo, California. It will happen again this coming weekend with the exact same line up. Will the show be exactly the same with the same setlist? For some bands, probably. Coachella is more than just a music festival as you will see if you're lucky enough to go sometime, or just by checking out pictures.

The lineup is extensive and broad, quenching the needs of several different types of music fans. This years top names were Muse, Arcade Fire, Beck, Queens of the Stone Age and Outkast, who reportedly failed to wow a sea of hungry fans during their reunion performance [see article below for more].

Photobomb (verb) - to drop in a photo hop in a picture right before it is taken. Most of us have fallen victim as well as participated. Click here for a rare occasion where a couple taking a selfie got photobombed by Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.

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