Beck played Coachella last night. And if you didn't get to see it in person, or watch the live stream, you can now check out the hour-long performance above.

The singer-songwriter made his return to the Coachella stage -- which he first played in 1999, when the festival started -- with a hits-filled set that included classics like 'Devils Haircut' and 'Loser.'

Because Beck has a new album to promote, the laid-back and excellent 'Morning Phase,' he did drop the song 'Blue Moon' into his set too. But for the most part, he stuck to more upbeat cuts that spanned his two-decade-long career. A highlight included a mash-up of 'Think I'm in Love' (from 2006's 'The Information') and Donna Summer's disco classic 'I Feel Love.'

But the biggest buzz kill came at the end of the set, when one of Coachella's "official timekeepers" cut the power to Beck's mic during 'Where It's At.' As the crowd starts to get riled up, Beck laughs it off with his band and just starts dancing around. And if you're wondering who that little golden-haired kid is in the background, it's Beck's nine-year-old son Cosimo playing the tambourine.

Beck will return to Coachella this coming weekend, and then hit the road in support of his new album.

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