News broke recently that Taco Bell, purveyors of all things tex-mex, will be opening around 300 new locations all across the country. Coming to us from Houston's KHOU-11 by way of WCSH-6, apparently these new revamped locations will be making some big changes.

Firstly, they've decided to ditch the drive-thru and include open-kitchen layouts, which definitely encourage a more dine-in feel. Most excitingly, though, is that these new spots will serve booze. Yep- you heard that right - Taco Bell will start selling alcohol! Talk about a proper fiesta.

Taco Bell is looking to open these new locations by 2022, and they look to be focusing on big cities like New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc. That begs the question - will Maine get one? If they're focusing on population centers, Portland would be the obvious candidate. Seeing as it popped up in local news, as well, might suggest that one's on it's way.

Would you check this out if it came up our way? Let us know in the comments!

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