Nothing beats concerts in Portland in the summer. Except, you know, concerts in Portland in the summer that happen to include one of your favorite bands.

That's certainly for the case for 311, who will be making their way back to Portland this summer. The band has a ridiculous fan base here in Maine - every time CYY Madness rolls around, the number of votes we get for 311 is overwhelming. They may not win every time, but they're consistently in the top few bands in any given year.

Check out the behind the scenes video for the video for their latest single "Too Much To Think" below. WARNING: Clip contains adult language.

We here at WCYY are stoked to be bringing 311 back to Portland! They'll be playing on the Maine State Pier on July 8th with New Politics and The Skints. Seeing as this may be the last summer that the Maine State Pier will have shows at all, this is definitely the show to hit for fans of the band. I'll certainly be there!

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