Resting in the nature of Minot, Maine, this octagon house boasts beautiful views of valleys and mountains through twelve windows on all eight sides of the home.

Why have a standard house shape when you can dare to be different? Located at 66 Highland Drive in Minot, this unique home’s full listing can be viewed here on Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

The octo-house offers 3 beds and 3 baths within 5,450 square feet for $699,900 and rests upon 4.33 acres of land.

Dare to be Different - This Octagon House is For Sale in Minot, Maine

Comparing Two Vastly Different Modern Maine Homes For $300k

With the housing market always being unique in Maine and being extra crazy due to the pandemic, what can $300,000 get you in June of 2021? Here's a breakdown of the two properties. One in the heart of Downtown Portland and the other, in Somerset County in St Albans.

The Portland property is currently pending sale through Dan Roche of Kennebunk Beach Realty.

The St Albans property is still on the market as of publishing through Zachary Monroe of Realty of Maine - Bangor.

So, which property would you prefer?

Eastern Maine Property For Sale Perfect For When You're Sick of Other Humans

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