Below zero temperatures lead to icy track conditions and left one Pan-Am train derailed in an early morning accident. 

It probably could have been much worse. Photos and video are streaming in of an early morning accident involving a Pan-Am freight train that derailed in the small Maine town of Leeds. Nobody was hurt in the derailing as of this writing.

According to Katie Bavoso of WCSH-6, the cause of the accident is being blamed on icy conditions on the tracks. Despite attempts to salt the tracks consistently, sub zero temperatures mixed with recent precipitation have led to dangerous conditions on the tracks.

The derailment took place right around 1 a.m. this morning. It also came at an unfortunate spot for motorists and the derailed train has led to a traffic snarl on Blue Rock Road, the road that connects Route 202 and Route 106.

A crane and additional engines are being called to the scene to get the train back on track

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