Desperate times call for desperate measures but in this case, desperation isn't a flattering look. For about 24 hours in the Missed Connections section on Craigslist Maine, a guy had an ad listed with this title "Toilet Paper For A Date". And people say romance is dead.

Townsquare Media

To play catch up real quick, it goes like this. Toilet paper is one of things people went hog wild for when the coronavirus pandemic news struck. Corner stores, big box stores, grocery stores all found themselves with a shortage or absolutely no toilet paper on their shelves. It went from a luxury to a commodity.

Townsquare Media

So in walks Romeo on Craigslist coming at you from somewhere in Portland, willing to offer up some of his BIG stash of TP for a hot date of social distancing somewhere local. His biggest requirement is a sense of humor because if it goes well, definitely going to have to tell your friends you met some other way! Am I right? LOL

Unfortunately for some of the toilet paper-less ladies of greater Portland, this person thought better of their ad and pulled it down. Thankfully for the rest of us, screenshots are a thing so we can revel in what might have been.

Oh, and if you have some surplus toilet paper, be kind and offer it up to someone who needs it. No date included.