It's not every day a piece of space is visibly seen from all over different parts of New England, but it happened over the weekend. Sunday night, multiple people took to both calling their local news stations and, of course, posting to social media about the fireball they saw in the sky.

The cool part (other than the fact that thankfully no one was injured by it at all), was the fact that MULTIPLE New England states reported seeing it, with some even hearing and feeling the massive rumble it caused. Turns out, according to WMUR, it was a meteor that was believed to have broken off an asteroid.

With multiple (and by multiple I mean like, HUNDREDS) of people calling into the American Meteor Society (who knew that was a thing?!) to report it, NASA researchers were able to pinpoint readings they were getting on infrasound stations and estimate the meteor was traveling over 40,000 mph and eventually fragmented with the force of over 400 pounds of TNT, which is why some New Englanders (mostly in Vermont) reported hearing a boom and feeling a rumble.

Another cool part? If you missed it, you can see it about as quickly as everyone else did, because an airport security camera in Burlington, Vermont, ended up capturing it. I wonder how many people saw this and thought it was just a plane (unless it was undeniable), since looking at this video, I feel like that's exactly what I'd think.

Other than the meteor showers we get every now and then in the area during what seems like every couple summers, have you seen anything like this before? Did you see this actual meteor on Sunday afternoon? Reports have it happening a little after 5:30p, and it was seen in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and also our friends to the north saw it in Canada, too.

Also, as a heads up, it looks like it's since been deleted, but there was video making its way around Facebook of what the person who posted it thought it was either the meteor that hit the ground or a fragment of it on Route 3 in Nashua, New Hampshire. I don't blame the poster for thinking that, either, considering the video showed a small trail of burning grass in the median section of Route 3 in Nashua, but unfortunately that was a car accident (which I believe everyone involved in is okay.) Just in case you're confused about the reported locations after having possibly seen that video.

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