For decades, DiMillo's floating restaurant has been a staple of the Portland Old Port experience for many visitors. People come from far and wide for happy hour, for dinner service or to attend weddings upstairs. But after a trying year filled with restrictions on capacity, every restaurant has been left wondering how many people will come back to visit this summer. So DiMillo's decided if the people can't come to them, they'll go to the people.

Shared on Facebook by DiMillo's On The Water, they've announced their new food truck, aptly named DiMillo's On A Roll. Based on the name and logo alone, it's safe to assume the mobile version of DiMillo's plans to bring some of their seafood favorites on the road with them, including a classic Maine lobster roll. As for where DiMillo's On A Roll is going to be parked in the coming months, it would be wise to follow them on social media for updates.

Of course, the iconic floating restaurant isn't going anywhere either. With restrictions continuing to be eased as time goes along, the Portland waterfront is bound to be bustling this summer and DiMillo's On The Water will resume its place as a destination for locals and visitors alike. Call it the best of both worlds.

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