Finally, some of the most respected music documentaries get their release on DVD after 35 years. Punk, metal, hard rock bands and fans were introduced to the world because of these movies.

Most people know Director Penelope Spheeris for movies like this....

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And this of course... 

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Oh, what about this one! 

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And if you have kids, probably this one 

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If you're a music fan however, The Decline of Western Civilization is why you bow to Spheeris. After 35 years and with the constant urging of her daughter; Spheeris has put The Decline 1,2,3 together the right way for DVD and Bluray release. They're in stores now much to fans delight who've been keeping their VCR lubed up for only a couple reasons, including these films. The films have been updated, cleaned up and the look better than ever. Super cool, bonus stuff included! You can find them at Bull Moose, right here.     

These films are a must for music fans. They show the rawness of the punk scene in the late 70's/early 80's out in LA. The dangerous fans and even more dangerous bands; Black Flag, X, The Germs, Fear and so much more. 

You also see the glitz and glam world of the LA Sunset Strip hard rock and heavy metal scene of the mid 80's. The hairspray on the girls (and guys), the clubs, the fans on the streets looking to party and the bands partying too much. (watch for Chris Holmes of WASP in a swimming pool drinking his night away with his mother standing by as he spits various thoughts and ideas slushing around his head mixed with a few bottles of booze).

I'm so psyched for Penelope to call in to Spinout tonight on CYY to talk about these landmark movies and their triumphant release on modern formats! If you miss the Thurs broadcast, tonight, listen out Sunday night at 8pm on 94.3 or stream it at WCYY.COM 

Here are the trailers to see the masterpieces Penelope will talk with me about!