Ever heard of Hiker Hunger? Those adventurous souls who attempt massive hikes along the Appalachian Trail are often so hungry they could eat a mountain. The Appalachian Trail Cafe in Millinocket knows the size of the appetites of hikers who pass through their dining room, so they've created a challenge that even the most ambitious of hikers struggle to accomplish.

The Summit Sundae Challenge consists of 14 scoops of ice cream, donuts, hiker candies, assorted sauces, and other elaborate toppings. TripAdvisor.com reviewer slothspeed said, "I really wish I had the horrifying honor of watching a hiker complete the Summit Sundae Challenge."

Yelp.com/Damien S.

From the Appalachian Trail Cafe menu:

If you dare, try our Summit Sundae Challenge...starting with a banana, then 14 scoops of ice cream (one for each state the AT goes through), Snickers candy bar (hikers favorite food), a handful of M&M's and an AT Cafe's doughnut (made famous in Washington D.C.) all that topped with chocolate syrup, whipped cream & cherries. Eat it by yourself and you get to add your name to the pole of fame and we'll give you a t-shirt & a bumper sticker and you get to keep the bowl.

The price tag: $14.99

Horrifying honor is the best way to describe it. A bowl of 14 scoops of ice cream screams diabetes but for those who attempt the challenge, it's worth the risk for a t-shirt, their name on a pole, and the everlasting pride of consuming more ice cream in one sitting than most people tackle in their lives.

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