Baxter State Park

One of the true wilderness gems of Maine is Baxter State Park. Located an hour north of Bangor, Baxter has some of the best camping, hiking and outdoor recreation in the state. The park is over 200,000 acres, and averages tens of thousands of guests a year.

Mount Katahdin

Baxter State Park is most notably known for having the tallest mountain in Maine, Mount Katahdin. The 5,269 foot peak is also the finish line (or starting point, depending on the hiker's direction) of the mighty Appalachian Trail.

However, Baxter is much more than that. There are numerous campsites, swimming holes, and mountains not named Katahdin. It's pure bliss.

Baxter State Park is Hiring

Now, just imagine working for Baxter. Any outdoor enthusiast would probably love it. Well, here is your chance to not only work for Baxter, but to run it.

Baxter State Park is looking for a new Director of Operations. The job description states the director is

...responsible for directing all activities of the Park consistent with the Deeds of Trust and the direction of the Baxter State Park Authority.

Simply put, you get to run the whole park.

And yes, I'm applying.

Think about it. You get to run an entire state park. Not just any state park, but the premier state park of Maine. Two hundred thousand acres at your fingertips. Anything you want could be yours. Well, within reason.

Anyway, I'm so sure I'm the perfect candidate that I'm going to share my resume.

Name: Christopher L Sedenka, Esq (not really, but it looks good)
Current Address: WBLM Studio

College: West Virginia University (Nice outdoorsy state. That should should help)

Prior Relevant Work: Hmmmmm. Camp Counselor in 1996! Boom!

Past Relevant Accomplishments:
-Summited Katahdin '94
-Summited Double Top '21
-Watched a documentary on the Appalachian Trail
-Listened to a great podcast about K2

Relevant Strengths
Adequate swimmerdecent hiker, people person, love moose, good skier, love cold weather.

Questions For Baxter:
-Do I get to live on top of Katahdin?
-Can I install plumbing?
-Can we move the WBLM studio to Chimney Pond?

Chimney Pond - Mount Katahdin
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Future Ideas for Baxter State Park:
-Besides sharks with lasers...absolutely nothing.

In all seriousness Baxter is perfect the way it is. Please never, ever change a thing.

What a wonderful opportunity someone is going to have to live and work in an amazing part of this state. Plus, they get to eat at the Appalachian Trail Café all the time. To those interested, the full job description can be found here.

Best of luck to whoever gets this wonderful gig. And here's to making sure Baxter State Park remains its perfect self.

Maine's Mt Katahdin Trail System

Mount Katahdin is Maine's tallest peak. Located in Baxter State Park, the popular mountain tests all skill levels with a variety of challenging trails.

Here is a detailed look at the most relevant trails in Katahdin's system.

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