Dunkin' Donuts is an essential part of the day for so many Mainers and because of that, the company has decided to use Portland and Bangor as two of the test markets for their latest potential offering, cold brew coffee.

Cold brew coffee is prepared in a unique way. It's ground coffee steeped in cold water over an extended period of time. Thus, there are only small batches made of cold brew, but the taste is richer, smoother and more full than your traditional hot or iced coffee. Additionally, if you're someone trying to cut dairy out of your coffee consumption, cold brew coffee is traditionally served black, holding on to a tremendously rich flavor.

And if you're looking for a little boost in caffeine, look no further than Dunkin's cold brew coffee. It contains between 25-30% more caffeine for that extra boost. Both the Portland and Bangor markets were chosen by Dunkin' Donuts because of their year-round affection for iced coffee, an obvious choice to test out a new "cold" offering that could catch on nationwide.

The cold brew test is set to last for around 3 months. Oh and if you're wondering, a cup of cold brew coffee costs about 50 cents more than your regular iced coffee. You ready for something new?

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